Menu Rolls
There is a story in every meal.. 
..  about the food, the flavors it has, the sensations it creates  and  the memories it brings;
..  about the people I get to cook for and with, learn and teach, share food and a bit of life;
.. about myself, my aspirations, my inner dialogue and my meditation on the utter completeness after every good meal. 

Enjoy some of the stories about food, people and myself!

3 fascinating male chefs, 3 upside down cake instances and 3 things to remember once you have said "yes" to a real man

Just as I get healed by the air of my home place and the vastness of the Volga river there is always a drop of sourness in coming back

My humble effort to resolve complexities of the political relationships between Russia and Georgia by the means of food

How I seduced a man with my cooking (and some Berber magic) when nothing else worked

On changing four flats within two years and other hustle and bustle in the life of a young professional in Moscow

Debating the use of red pedicure in Moscow if you can't eat well

On my love for the Turkish breakfast that outlived my love story that brought me to Turkey on the first place

What made me trade a nice suit of a high-profile consultant into an apron and start peeking into the professional kitchens

How my great ambitions of becoming a chef overnight  vanished in seconds as I started with getting to know the well as knifes, bowls and other kitchen utensils

» Turkish Cooking Challenge: Backstage of the Weekend Brunch Scene
From being a part of the urban brunching crowd I switched gears to serving brunch and doing dishes during my apprenticeship at a farmhouse in Turkey

» Cooking Vegetarian Iftar for Ramadan
Having found myself in a Muslim country during the Ramadan time I ventured into exploring vegetarian side of the festive cooking during the Holy Month

» Vegetarian Staying Sane in Croatia
How passion for healthy food can bring you to meet really interesting people and why it is so much more fun to follow your nose rather than your itinerary while traveling

» Sneaking into a Bosnian Kitchen
I am playing a food journalist and making a feature from a Bosnia Kitchen in a mountain guest house (in between of rolling out the thin phyllo dough for a cheese pie)

» Memories of the Norwegian Summers
Why Norwegians are blessed more than they think they are and no one else can appreciate summers more that they do