May 12, 2010

Feels Summer, Feels Like a Milkshake

Here in the Western Ukraine the sun has been generous. Feels fresh and light, feels sandals and a careless summer dress, dreams sun-kissed legs and a milkshake in a street cafe. Made of fresh fruits, spices, herbs and full cream milk.

Good use of Full Cream Milk
Call me scandalous but with all my healthy food considerations I don't believe in low-fat milk. I think with the low-fat you end up with such chemically treated to death version of milk that you better resort to plain water. So, to the full cream milk, summer around the corner and dreams coming true. Cheers! Na zdorovje! Here are my three suggestions on the good use of full cream milk ... and no there is no White Russian recipe here but still plenty of inspiration.
Afternoon Zen: Cold Yogi Tea Recipe

Refreshing Yogi Chai
Here is my twist to the hot and impossibly sweet Indian chai served in the small glasses or little clay pots – usually best in the street stalls that many visitors stay clear off - unfairly so. In this version I keep rich and spicy taste, but cut on sugar and serve it cold.

Ingredients (2 servings)
500 ml milk (3.5% fat)
4 cardamon seeds, crashed with the handle of a large knife
6 black pepper seeds
2 transparent slices of fresh ginger root
4 tsps of black large-leaved tea
Pour milk in a bowl and bring it to boil. Throw in spices and tea leaves and rapidly boil for 3 minutes. The longer you boil the stronger the tea would be and the more of cardamom and ginger flavor would be there. Pour out, cool and serve. I find it good enough just like that but you may add honey to make it sweet. One note about the honey: add it when your chai is cooled and not hot to preserve the healing qualities of the honey.

Lazy Pleasure: Avocado and Dates Smoothie Recipe

I love avocado for its fresh green color, smooth texture and rich buttery taste. This fruit is simply created for smoothies! Ice-cream makes it even richer while dates and honey give it sweetness but in a very healthy way.

Ingredients (2 servings):
Avocado and Dates Smoothie 
1 avocado
8 dates
2 tbsps of plain of vanilla ice-cream
300 ml milk (3.5% fat)
1 tsp buckwheat honey

First you want to ground the dates in the blender as they will be the trickiest to ground. Then you need to open avocado and here is the easiest way to do that. Cut it in half lengthwise around the seed and twist the halves in opposite directions to separate. Here you get a half of avocado in each hand. If you are using just one half make sure to sprinkle some lemon juice on the other one to prevent it from blackening. Then take the avocado meat out of one half and put in the blender along with the other ingredients. Blend, pour out in a glass and take your favorite spoon to indulge this lazy pleasure.
Green Boldness: Pear Mint Milkshake Recipe

After trying tea of fresh mint in Le pain Quotidien I always keep a bunch of mint in my fridge. In most of the case I just make tea of it as it not very easy to combine mint with other ingredients. In this case I got a little more bold and found a wonderful alternative to a chocolate mint combination in a milkshake (since I don't eat chocolate). Pear and mint it is with a glimpse of lemon in it!

Pear Mint Milkshake
Ingredients (2 servings):
a large handful of mint leaves
150 ml milk (3.5% fat)
150 ml greek yogurt
1 pear
few drops of lemon juice

Wash the mint leaves and be sure to leave them to dry on a sheet of paper or a clean towel to remove the excess of water. Ground it in the blender, add pear, milk and yogurt (to prevent milk going curd after adding lemon) and blend further. Then squeeze a few drops of the lemon juice and be very quick to blend it again! These few drops of lemon juice are a good example of how a tiny little thing may make a big difference. Give it a try!

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